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Altex Product Development Areas

Altex's unique knowledge base, and analysis and experimental tools have supported the development and test of new thermal management, fuel-processing, combustion and power-system technologies. Several fully instrumented test facilities are available at Altex covering capacities from 20 watts to nearly 3MW. These are complemented by models addressing chemical kinetics, chemical equilibrium, fuel transformation, combustion, fluid dynamics, heat transfer, and pollution formation. Using these resources, Altex has supported technology development and demonstration in several key areas of expertise.


Thermal Management

High performance low cost non-isotropic structures for heat exchangers, with 100% COP

Combined Heat and Power

Combined heat and power systems, which meet boiler thermal needs, with added 100 kWe

Fuels Processing
Fuel-Cell Power Systems

5-10kWe fuel cell and cogeneration systems, which operate on mil spec JP-8 and similar fuels


Thermal Management



Fuel Cell

Low Emissions Burners

Ultralow NOx burners to meet sub 5ppm NOx emissions


Fuels Processing
Biomass Processing to Fuels

Biomass conversion to biofuel, including biomass densification (40lb/cubic ft) for low-cost transport biofuels plants

Renewal Fuels   Low Emissions Burners