Thermal Management


High Performance, Low-Cost Thermal Management Systems

Low Pressure Drop Gas-to-Air Heat Exchangers

Altex is testing an innovative heat exchanger construct that reduces fan power needs by over 50% for the same heat transfer, compared to state-of-art heat exchangers. Importantly, this innovation, called the Non-Isotropic Structures for Heat Exchange (NISHEX), is constructed of readily available materials and uses common fabrication techniques, which reduces fin cost by 50% versus conventional heat exchangers.  Lastly, NISHEX heat exchangers are 60% lower in fin volume and weight than conventional heat exchangers.  The concept is general and flexible, and can be adapted to many important residential, commercial, industrial and vehicle heat management applications. The pictures below show cooling coil and radiator NISHEX applications constructed with copper, stainless steel and aluminum cores

Minichannel and Microchannel Heat Exchangers Capable of 5000+ psi

Altex has developed a low cost manufacturing method for minichannel and microchannel heat exchangers. By avoiding micro-machining and chemical etching, which is the current approach used to manufacture micro channel heat exchangers, fabrication costs are reduced by over 60%. Pictures of the Altex low cost microchannel stainless steel cores that have been tested to 5,000 psi pressure are shown at the top. In the middle is a high-effectiveness counter-flow version that has a similar pressure capability.  Below that is a low-pressure computer CPU cooler constructed of copper.  Electronic cold plates, with multiple cores have also been constructed of aluminum for military electronics applications. These heat exchangers are being utilized in systems Altex is developing for commercial and military applications, including super critical CO2 power systems and heat pumps, oil and gas processing, and electronics and data center cooling.