Low Emissions Burners



Based on unique knowledge, gained through years of collaborative efforts with world-renowned combustion experts at the Sandia National Laboratories Combustion Research Facility, Altex has developed and proven low-emissions burners for residential, commercial, and industrial applications. For example, a residential water heater burner was developed and tested, which reduced NOx emissions by over 50%, at an incremental cost of 50 cents. At the other end of the scale, Altex developed ultra-low NOx burners of up to 15 MW scale, which can reliably reduce NOx from 90 ppm to 5 ppm, have been deployed in the field, as pictured at top left. These burners produce 12 pm NOx at 3% O2, with no FGR, 9 ppm NOx, with 7% FGR, and sub 5 ppm NOx, with 22% FGR.

Altex has developed 1-20 kWt burners that operate on JP-8, diesel, JP-5 and SPK fuels. These burners are currently utilized in Altex developed reformers and fuel cell systems, and consume these fuels to produce the needed heat for the steam reforming process. The burners have been successfully run for over 1000 hours, with consistent reliability. Altex distillate fuel burners avoid spray-atomizer injectors, and common nozzle-plugging problems, at the small scale of interest. The above picture shows an example of burner construction, and the photos at left show the solid flame, produced by these burners.