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Chemical Engineer (Thermochemical conversion)


Job Description


Altex Technologies Corporation has developed an end-to-end biomass conversion to biofuel process that consists of a low cost biomass solid handling process followed by a novel thermochemical process that converts the low cost biomass to a drop in biofuel. The process is applicable to all carbon containing material and is being applied to a biomass-coal mixture to reduce the green-house gases associated with the traditional approaches. Positions are open for dynamic candidates with experience in thermochemical process particularly as related to coal or biomass gasification, pyrolysis, cracking, catalytic upgrading and pilot scale demonstration. Candidates will be part of the Altex engineering team, responsible for the analysis, design, development, fabrication and testing of prototype systems, which will ultimately lead to commercialization of these innovative solutions.  The positions require a BS, MS or Ph. D. in Chemical Engineering or equivalent. Position and responsibilities will be based on the capability of the candidate.


Open Position – Chemical Engineer


A position is open for a chemical engineer or scientist, in the area of thermochemical conversion of biomass and other carbon-containing materials to liquid fuel. Experience in process design, reactor design, catalyst scale-up, testing, and data analysis is desired.  Similar experience in the petroleum-refining and solid fuels gasification, cracking, pyrolysis, and combustion  will be considered.  The position requires a BS, M.S. or Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering, Materials Science and Engineering, Chemistry, or equivalent with 2-10 year experience with the thermochemical systems, thermochemical and/or catalytic processes, reactors, gas clean up or catalytic reactors. The successful candidate will interact with Altex and subcontractor scientists and engineers to design, setup end-to-end pilot-scale thermochemical systems for production of drop-in fuels. The candidate is expected to contribute to process design; test the process; collect, reduce, and analyze data; and contribute to written reports.


Relevant Experience


Process design

Reactor design

Thermochemical processes

Gas-clean-up reactors

Catalytic reactors

Solids handling

Pilot-scale system design, fabrication, and testing

Familiarity with analytical instruments

Good writing skills



Personal Attributes


Motivated, creative, and committed

Positive outlook with a “can do” attitude

Capable of working in a small and innovative company environment

Communicative and a team player

Good analytical skills

Good planning and organizational skills


Company Overview


Altex Technologies Corporation ( develops and commercializes innovative energy solutions, which are clean, quiet, efficient and cost effective.  Innovations currently being pursued include developing and testing thermochemical conversion of biomass to biofuels, fuel processors and fuel-cell systems, low-NOx combustors, novel heat exchangers, and pollution-abatement reactors.  Our clients include U. S. government agencies (e. g. DOE, EPA, DOA, DARPA, Army, Navy, Marines and Air Force), state agencies (California Energy Commission and California Air Resources Board), and many energy and environmental equipment manufacturers, throughout the US.  Altex is located in the desirable San Francisco Bay Area of Northern California, and provides competitive salaries and benefits.


Altex provides very competitive benefits packages to all full-time employees.  Employees are provided three weeks Paid Time Off (PTO) and ten days of paid holiday.  Our insurance programs cover medical, dental, vision and worker’s compensation and life insurance.  Altex also has a retirement plan that employees qualify for, after one year of continuous employment with the company.  This program includes a tax deferred retirement account, which the employee controls through a family of mutual funds.  Historically, the company has contributed 5-10% of the employees’ base salary to the employees’ accounts.  In addition, bonus targets are set at the beginning of each yearly review period, which are executed if the staff meets the mutually agreed objectives.  Our interest in assembling the compensation package is to ensure that the staff is rewarded for making both Altex and themselves a success.



How to Apply


Please submit your resume to with the subject Chemical Engineer